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Compression Black Big Size Latex Waist Slimmer With Sticker Fat Burner
SKU: MT200078-BK1 Weight About: 0.74 kg Material: 96%Cotton+4%Spandex,100%Latex

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When worn Compression Black Big Size Latex Waist Slimmer With Sticker Fat Burner during exercise, the compression stimulates thermal activity in your core which increases perspiration, allowing toxins to escape. 

It Features: 

1. A front zipper keeps a tight fit around your waist to achieve the long-lasting waist-cinching effect as you lose weight; 

2. Attach a layer of the belt for firm waist control, flatten the stomach and slim your tummy; 

3. Elastic sticker straps for easy adjustment and secure closure and make sure that the belt is fastened tightly around the abs; 

4. Core made of latex helps with weight loss and waist sculpturing and shaping; 

5. Enhance your silhouette in this smoothing waist cincher.

  • CM
  • Inch

XXS 54-60 32.5 27
XS 60-66 32.5 27
S 66-72 32.5 27
M 72-78 34 28.5
L 78-84 34 28.5
XL 84-90 34 28.5
XXL 90-96 34 28.5
3XL 96-102 34 28.5
4XL 102-108 34 28.5
5XL 108-114 34 28.5
6XL 114-120 34 28.5

Size Waist(Inch) CENTER FRONT(Inch) CENTER BACK(Inch)
XXS 21.3-23.6 12.8 10.6
XS 23.6-26.0 12.8 10.6
S 26.0-28.3 12.8 10.6
M 28.3-30.7 13.4 11.2
L 30.7-33.1 13.4 11.2
XL 33.1-35.4 13.4 11.2
XXL 35.4-37.8 13.4 11.2
3XL 37.8-40.2 13.4 11.2
4XL 40.2-42.5 13.4 11.2
5XL 42.5-44.9 13.4 11.2
6XL 44.9-47.2 13.4 11.2

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